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Composite Technology Inc.

Since its incorporation in 1996, Composite has grown steadily, building a strong customer base among its clientele.


Over the last 27 years, Composite a well-respected broadcast equipment supplier and systems integrator in the Philippine market, has built up its position as the premier source for the local needs of the broadcasting industry. Composite has built significant presence in the local broadcasting industry, having delivered products and solutions ranging from modular products and equipment, to broadcast systems, and to a more complex DTH broadcasting system.

Mission & Vision

We are a corporation recognized and respected for its integrity, reliability, dynamism, and leadership, committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction to customers, employees and industry partners through state-of-the-art and dependable products, information and services in a mutually beneficial manner.

Composite provides the following to its clientele:


  • Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider
  • System Design
  • Supply of Broadcast Equipment
  • Installation and Commissioning of High Quality Broadcast Equipment, Software and Services for Broadcast, Cable, Telecoms, Industrial and Government entities including repair and maintenance of the same
  • After-sales service and support